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-Deepali Shah Katira-


The Food Story

The nutrients found in food are essential for the growth, development and maintenance of our bodily functions. Eating the wrong foods or the wrong quantity of certain foods can create imbalance within the body as the instructions to function properly become misplaced or in some cases lost. This may lead to undesirable symptoms and the underlying causes of the major diseases we see today. We are spoilt with food choices, with the different flavoured foods often found in fancy packaging, that we often forget the simple, natural, organic foods that are important in our diet. Let us not forget the fundamentals of eating and living healthier, happier lives.


Lifestyle Matters

The importance of healthy food, as crucial as it is, is not the only factor for a healthy and happier life. Factors like not enough exercise, not sleeping well, not having enough ‘me’ time, excessive smoking, drinking alcohol, stressful jobs and toxic relationships can lead to a downward spiral towards unhealthy lifestyle and may even lead to certain health conditions. It is therefore vital to consider your diet and lifestyle for overall well being. 

To help you revert to a healthier life, achieve personal health goals or even improve your overall nutrition, you will be guided through a bespoke health plan tailored just for your needs.


Nutrition In Life Events

Healthy eating should no doubt be part of your daily dietary regime but at each stage in our lives our dietary requirements vary and we have to adapt to these additional requirements for optimal health. It starts from pre-conception, pregnancy, looking after your little ones as infants, toddlers, pre-school stage and during their important, yet demanding school years. As adults we are faced with different challenges and again our dietary habits change to suit our lifestyle, forgetting to focus on our essential dietary needs. Elderly years are just as important to look closely at your health and dietary habits to enable to live life to the fullest. Looking at nutrition through each stage of life is crucial.

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